Nobody wants the label “Not Secure” associated with their website especially when that is the most visible representation of your brand. Recently, Google decided to attach that very phrase to any HTTP site, or sites not loading over HTTPS, causing them to fall in search results.

As of July 2018, Google implemented this change to increase Internet security and encourages website owners to adopt the updated standards. Not updating results in an automatic down rank with Google’s current algorithm.

Along with increased security, the benefits are noticeable with HTTPS. Sites perform faster and HTTPS prevents ISPs from placing unwanted ads on your website.

If you are unsure if your website has an SSL certificate and loads as HTTPS, click here to check:

If your site does not load over HTTPS, make sure to contact your current web host immediately to get this installed.

At JCW, installing SSL certificates is a part of our normal practice and if you’re a JCW website or hosting client, there is no need to worry – you’re protected. We feel a secure site is mandatory for all clients, and online safety should never be questioned.

If you need assistance updating your site’s security to maintain your Google search rankings, JCW is ready to help.

Think Safe. Think JCW.