Project Description

KrawDaddy Kloth is a revolutionary product that introduces a clean and simple alternative to messy crawfish boils, barbeques, playtimes, tailgates, birthday parties and more. Their inventive tablecloth was designed with extremely durable plastic and four strong pockets on each side that holds up to 10 pounds each.

With an opportunity to grow on untouched territory, the owner looked to surround his new age product with an engaging brand and message. The main goal was to create a branded campaign and website and get it in front of as many eyes as possible through the most cost-effective medium.

From the Ground Up

To begin the process of building the KrawDaddy Kloth brand from the ground up, our team conducted a discovery meeting with the owner and learned the details of the product, how it was designed and why it was created.

Focused on their first purpose to bring great convenience to a crawfish boil, we moved forward with creating a catchy, yet informative tagline, a responsive website and a variety of print collateral and packaging. We also created marketable videos to display how the kloths function. With hopes to become a household name year-round, we expanded its purpose to go beyond crawfish season and meet the needs of all types of outside parties and fun get-togethers.

Building Awareness

The KrawDaddy Kloth team wanted to make this a nationally recognized project and we helped them do just that. We launched a marketing campaign on Facebook, utilizing their videos, step-by-step photos and website, and we brought in tremendous results. Their very first ad received nearly 1 million views and over 14,000 shares.

The Results

The KrawDaddy Kloth has truly been a hit! Since launching, they’ve shipped countless packages across the country. Not only has their social media awareness continuously grown but stores have also caught notice. The offers continue to roll in, and we’re honored to be their partner throughout their journey to great success.

“With the JCW team, we’ve come so far! They’ve been on top of things from the very beginning. They’re a small business but the results were what I could’ve expected from a large corporation. I can also say everything has been done timely and has exceeded our expectations.”

Bobby Easton, Owner of KrawDaddy Kloth