Project Description

Lane and Associates, formed in 1986, is an independent insurance broker and managing general agent. With over 30 years of building a trustworthy reputation in the local insurance industry, they desired to put a distinct voice behind their name and build a better marketing foundation — one that could compete with their national competitors. Calling on JCW, their main focus was to get a marketing plan in place and have a team put it into action.

Creating a Clear, Strong Campaign

Although Lane and Associates was in good standing when they contacted us, they wanted to do better! They wanted to find new ways to clearly present their services, engage their target audience in Louisiana, excel among their competitors and publicize their capabilities to compete on a national level. Our team first composed a strong slogan, “We do it all, but better”, highlighting all that Lane offers and showcasing their unique selling points. From that point forward, we strategized and implemented a marketing plan, as well as designed ads, e-newsletters and fliers.

Carrying it to the Web

With an engaging campaign running, it was important to ensure Lane’s website experience was consistent with their new look and messaging. Their previous website lacked clarity and flow. Potential clients couldn’t easily learn about their team or about what they offered. In building their new website, we improved its aesthetics, messaging, functionality and user experience.

The Results

Since launching their new campaign and website, Lane & Associates Inc. has increased their image and grown their company. Overall, we’ve enjoyed giving Lane a stronger, recognizable and competitive foundation for their brand. Today, we look forward to continuously building upon that foundation.

“It’s amazing how quickly and effectively JCW moved our market presence from the back of the pack to a leading position. JCW’s capabilities significantly contributed to our corporate growth and bottom line success. Whether it is in Lafayette or London, our message is now heard.”

B. Scott Landry, President at Lane & Associates, Inc.