Project Description

Addressing the Awareness and Reduction of Aquatic Trash & Debris

In efforts to make a widespread difference, the Port of New Orleans took on the mission to raise awareness of the universal issue of trash, litter and debris and prevent it from reaching the waterways along the Gulf Coast.

Our team was honored to be tasked with designing the movement’s slogan and logo and join them in developing a recognizable and moving campaign throughout the city of New Orleans.

Giving a Face to the Movement

Incorporating the Port’s brand standards, we designed an interpretation of their fleur de lis using a blue water droplet and green leaves. In addition, the “Keep it Clean! Your Port, Your Water, Your NOLA” slogan was created to encourage personal responsibility and ownership in the reduction of aquatic trash and debris.

Implementing the Campaign

The logo graphic and slogan was placed on all collateral pieces, including traffic signs, t-shirts, magnets, banners, yard signs, bumper stickers, trash can stickers, the Port’s website and across social media. All marketing materials were strategically displayed and promoted to the Port’s workers, drivers, operators, volunteers and visitors and the public.


The Results

Winning the National Environmental Improvement Award from the American Association of Port Authorities, the Port of New Orleans reached their goal and saw a tremendous increase in “water literacy”. In addition, the program has kept more than 8,000 pounds of litter from reaching waterways and has changed the behavior at the Port and beyond.

“The “Keep it Clean” campaign launch was great! We handed out over 1,000 giveaways and had a really positive response. We are so thankful for everything the JCW team has done for us.”

Amelia Pellegrin, AICP, LEED AP Environmental Services Manager