Project Description

Rosarian Academy is an independent Catholic school in West Palm Beach, Florida, where students are guided to love learning and develop confidence, skill, leadership and creative expression.

When the Rosarian administration was inspired to revamp their traditional look and build a user-friendly, responsive website, they turned to JCW. Together, we were able to bring new, modern features to their overall brand and identity.

Creating a New Voice

In order to fully grasp the needs and culture of Rosarian, we joined their team on campus and conducted a variety of focus groups and discovery meetings. From there, we moved forward with creating a tagline that gave Rosarian Academy a distinct voice in their market. It represents their progressiveness and diversity, while also expressing their warm, welcoming environment.

Modernizing the Brand

Rooted in 90 years of tradition, the Rosarian logo was ready for a fresh enhancement. Our team did not take this opportunity lightly. We were honored to modernize their logo and brand to reveal contemporary aspects without losing the essence of their well-known history and story.



Developing the Style Guide

Every detail matters. We ensured to give the Rosarian team a platform for using their logo and brand for a variety of mediums and marketing materials.

Building the Brand

An All-New Online Presence

Capturing Rosarian

The Results

Rosarian Academy’s brand has evolved into a unified, modern identity that clearly represents the essence of their school and showcases their uniqueness. Their newly designed look and easy-to-navigate website has not gone unnoticed. Current and potential parents are now able to seamlessly find all important information and materials needed for learning about and growing with Rosarian. The positioning video has been featured and advertised on social media platforms, as well, causing an array of attraction and compliments.

“It was a delight to work with JCW. We were all impressed with their outgoing personalities and creative work. Our new website and video came out amazing. The designers did a great job at modernizing our look as well.”

Cara Hansen, Marketing & Communications Director at Rosarian Academy