Project Description

In the office of studioMV, a nationally recognized architectural and interior design firm, the phones were ringing off the hook with potential clients who were confused due to the unclear messaging and limited flow of their previous website.

Although experts in creating timeless designs, studioMV’s previous website fell short of making a strong first impression. Their goal was to capture the essence and specifics of their artistic capabilities, compassionate process and visionary team.

Capturing Their Work

Meeting with the studioMV team we discovered more about their needs, learned about their work and studied their internal culture. Following this phase, we held a photography session, capturing their finished home architecture and design projects.

Building Appeal, True Reflection & Precise Messaging

A Visual Experience

We focused on creating an end product they would be excited to show off. It was a more interactive, visual experience, before getting into the important processes. We ensured it represented their team and met their needs.

A Clear Process

Multiple interactions and conversations with studioMV were transformed into strong, clearly presented web copy. We wrote powerful opening statements, the steps in their process, fun bios and the description of who they are.

A Showcase of Work

With open and receptive communication with their team, our web designers created a tailored layout, highlighting their unique qualities and showcasing their beautiful imagery.

The Results

Since launching their new, user-friendly and responsive website, studioMV’s amount of confused callers has dropped extensively. Because of this, their team is now able to easily direct potential clients to their website for more information on who they are, what they do, and how they do it. StudioMV plans to continue working with JCW for website support, photography and additions to their client web experience.

“We love JCW’s great, young energy! Plus, the availability, productiveness, communication and relationships were awesome! When it came to sending a message via the website, both visually and verbally, everyone was impressed. The JCW team really understood us.”

Caroline Voelkel Boudreaux, Business Manager at StudioMV