Sometimes a sale pitch just doesn’t close the deal. You may have the data, fancy website and testimonials to back it up, but something is missing from your arsenal. A Powerpoint filled with statistics shows some effort and results, but it fails to deliver the impactful push that’s often needed to take someone to the next level with your company. You have all the parts and pieces there, but if you don’t display them in an engaging, interesting way, potential clients won’t listen. When creating marketing plans for our partners, we often find that case studies are actually the perfect tool to send clients along your sales process.

Case studies have the information people want in an easily digestible format. Regardless of the medium we create them in – we always push for video if possible – these studies are effective because they’re entirely based on real stories. When making these pieces, we talk with our partners and their clients to focus on a specific aspect of their relationship and lay out all of the challenges, results and components of the work. 

For example, you’re talking to a potential client about transitioning to your company, but the prospect is skeptical of the switch and seems overwhelmed. You can attempt to provide reassurance and confidence, but it may lack authenticity. This would be a great opportunity to show a case study specifically focused on your onboarding process that features clients talking about their personal transitions and the benefits they’ve experienced after the switch. 

A case study is a quick, effective way to show clients a relatable message they’ll understand. People trust other people, and these studies show real stories in a way that nothing else really can. It becomes a tool to show your potential clients what you’re capable of without seeming too artificial.

In regards to resources, case studies are a long-lasting asset that retain value for years. In comparison to most marketing efforts, they typically lack an expiration date, and they provide content that can be used across all platforms. The information we get from one case study can be used across emails, social media, website pages, collateral pieces and more.

To learn more about creating a case study for your sales and marketing efforts, reach out our team!