New Industry Trends for 2017

If you’re not aware of what’s “in”, your audience will eventually count you out. Your focal question for the year (and every year) should be: “Am I paying attention?” If not, today is the day to start! No business has the luxury of ignoring industry trends and expecting to grow and reach their goals. Staying current in your field is the key to gaining new opportunities and [...]

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JCW: Founder’s Story — The Potential of One Passion

“Why I wanted to buy a video camera so badly at the age of 13? I don’t know.” said John Williams, the CEO of JCW. “It was a hidden passion stirring in my gut. I knew if I could get my hands on a camera, something special would come about.” The tug on John’s heart at a young age was the beginning of something bigger than he [...]

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Why Gen Y?

They call us Generation Y, and when compared to generations before, our way of thinking happens to be pretty unusual — in a good way! We’re the type of confident, enthusiastic workers who are unafraid of challenges and driven by progress. At JCW, generating new and fresh ideas is a part of our nature. Within an educationally advanced generation, our combined knowledge and unique insight makes us [...]

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Think Marketing First

The same reason a coach and his team would never step onto a field or court without a game plan or strategy in mind is the same reason a company should never begin a creative project without marketing goals in mind. To win over your target audience and make a mark in your industry, marketing must stay at the forefront of everything you do. Questions like “Who [...]

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5 Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Testimonial Video

When attracting new customers to your business, it’s extremely important to exceed their expectations right from the beginning. Through a powerful and high-quality testimonial video, you can engage your potential customers on a personal level, relate to their unique lifestyles and provide information in a modern, fast and interesting way. Presenting testimonials on video builds a great level of trust and credibility. You give your product or [...]

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The Answers to a Successful Collaboration

When several creatives meet under one roof, anything can happen. By “anything”, I mean it can turn into something beautiful or something disastrous. At JCW, the one thing we know best is the power of internal collaboration, including the ups and downs that come along with it. As a team of designers, strategists, developers, writers and producers, it’s safe to say we all have egos. In other [...]

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3 Reasons Why Your Internal Process Is Weak or Lost

You would never leave for a meeting if you don't first know where you are going, how to get there and how long it will take you. When you don’t have a planned and purposeful course of action in place, arriving late to your destination or getting lost along the way is inevitable. My team and I had to learn this the hard way. With the growth of our company, [...]

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