5 Tips for Building Better Emails

This is not rocket science. You, your competition and everyone else in your customer’s inbox are asking for one or more of the same responses — open, click, buy or read more. The purpose behind any email campaign is rarely ever a one-of-a-kind, industry-changing idea. The golden solution for gaining results actually lies behind the strategy — it’s where the real differences are found and the only [...]

2017-04-07T15:08:53+00:00April 7th, 2017|Design, Marketing, Web Development|

New Industry Trends for 2017

If you’re not aware of what’s “in”, your audience will eventually count you out. Your focal question for the year (and every year) should be: “Am I paying attention?” If not, today is the day to start! No business has the luxury of ignoring industry trends and expecting to grow and reach their goals. Staying current in your field is the key to gaining new opportunities and [...]

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Why People Aren’t Reading Your Ad’s Message

Damian Georgiev, a graphic designer at JCW, was standing in front of the office on his lunch break, when he noticed a lost pet flier stapled to the telephone pole. “No one will ever be able to read this sign,” Damian thought, as he walked closer to make out the small text on the printed Microsoft Word document. “If anyone is going to find this cat, the person [...]

2017-01-13T16:37:05+00:00December 28th, 2016|Design, Marketing|

Communicating With Color

Colors speak for themselves. Instantly, a color can evoke emotions, convey direct messages and influence a brand’s attributes. Depending on personal experiences, everyone perceives color differently. However, there are broad messaging patterns found in color perceptions. We’ve compiled a breakdown of the meanings of colors and the ways they can affect how your company is perceived. Red As an emotionally intense color, red can be used to [...]

2017-01-13T17:05:09+00:00September 11th, 2016|Design, Marketing|

The Power of Design

It isn’t uncommon for soon-to-be college grads to question the career path they have chosen. During the first semester of my senior year this question hit me hard. I always knew I wanted to be some kind of artist. Graphic design seemed to be one of the more secure paths an artist could take. It didn’t take me long to really fall in love with the profession. [...]

2017-01-03T20:15:04+00:00March 18th, 2016|Design|
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