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What does it mean to have a marketing plan?

Marketing plan. You’ve heard the term a thousand times in meetings, budget discussions and even social media posts from alleged gurus who can accomplish any marketing goal you have in just three short days.  Depending on where you work or the size of your business, you may be even more familiar with them. A marketing plan may have accompanied a new product launch or introduced a [...]

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Working From Home – JCW Style

For the past several weeks, most people across the globe have been restricted to their homes as we attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19. An abbreviation that meant nothing to us months ago has evolved into the absolute bane of mankind. As social distancing and other preventive measures are enacted, working from home has turned into standard practice.  While some of our team members are [...]

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COVID-19: We’re Here to Help

Partners, Clients & Friends: As updates for COVID-19 continue to be released, we hope first and foremost that you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy during this developing situation. In following the CDC's recommended business practices, our team is working remotely and holding all meetings via Google Hangouts or conference calls. While we are implementing social distancing procedures, we are also working hard to send the appropriate messages to our clients' followers. [...]

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