Colors speak for themselves. Instantly, a color can evoke emotions, convey direct messages and influence a brand’s attributes. Depending on personal experiences, everyone perceives color differently. However, there are broad messaging patterns found in color perceptions.

We’ve compiled a breakdown of the meanings of colors and the ways they can affect how your company is perceived.


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As an emotionally intense color, red can be used to portray that your company is energy-driven and exciting. Giving people the signal to act, it can be used as an accent color to stimulate your customers to make faster decisions. For instance, using red for “buy now” and “click here” buttons for websites may just help to improve user clicks.


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It’s the color of sunshine — and who doesn’t love sunshine? Capturing the eye more than any other color, yellow is a true attention getter and scientifically proven to ‘wake you up!’ When used in business, it can portray happiness, creativity and positive energy, making it perfect for children and young adult products. On the other hand, when overused in the wrong market, it can be perceived as childlike or spontaneous. Therefore, it’s not considered a wise choice when selling an expensive, prestigious product or service.


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Combining both the energy of red with the optimism of yellow, orange is a color of great meaning. Using orange can suggest that your business is adventurous, creative, determined or even represents good health. It’s also known to be highly accepted among young people and very effective for promoting food and toys.

Just be careful, pure orange can be a bit abrasive and may even suggest a lack of intellectual values. Let’s just say people either love it or hate it.


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Green is directly related to nature, which psychologically suggests something is “new and fresh”. It also symbolizes safety, growth and harmony. Green is a color used to advertise environmentally friendly products and organic foods. It’s known to have great healing powers as well. Being the most restful color for human eyes, it can improve vision and promote stability and endurance. In addition, darker green is commonly used by financial and banking companies to represent money, wealth and prestige.


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If you’re looking to advertise your stability and depth, go with blue! This cool color is most favorited, so you can expect it to be highly acceptable across genders. It also symbolizes honesty, wisdom, confidence, faith, dignity and intelligence. In the corporate world, blue can be used to promote products or services that are associated with cleanliness, water, the seas or the sky.



White is considered the color of perfection and positivity. In business and advertising, it can be used to indicate calmness, simplicity, charity and organization. Most companies use white as the background for their websites. It portrays the attributes of safety, innocence, cleanliness and success. For showcasing efficiency and discipline, white is widely used to sell infants’ products and kitchen and bath appliances as well.


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As a mysterious color, black can often times be associated with fear and the unknown. Despite it’s negative connotation, black represents power, elegance, strength and formality. It’s also widely used by companies looking to portray style and trendiness to youth audiences. Companies desiring to send the message of beauty, luxury, sophistication or authority should use this classic color.


Whether you’re making decisions for a design, video, website or other marketing and branding materials, it’s important to determine your target audience and carefully select colors that align with the key message and emotions you are looking to communicate. An understanding of the meanings of color will give your business an invaluable tool to gain a great response in your marketing efforts.