When attracting new customers to your business, it’s extremely important to exceed their expectations right from the beginning. Through a powerful and high-quality testimonial video, you can engage your potential customers on a personal level, relate to their unique lifestyles and provide information in a modern, fast and interesting way.

Presenting testimonials on video builds a great level of trust and credibility. You give your product or service a face, a personality and an experience to back it up. Of course, customers may spend a few minutes on your website reading about you and viewing your photos, but there’s nothing like being captivated by a video and hearing honest opinions from another person’s perspective. Potential customers are always looking for ways to get to know you and be moved by the stories behind your brand.

Here are 5 reasons why it’s exceptionally valuable for your company to have a testimonial video:

1. Emotional Connection

Pure emotion is what leads people to make a call, click “buy now” or sign a contract, and the best way to tug on someone’s emotions is to share heartfelt stories. When customers learn how your products or services have helped someone overcome a challenge, they will be intrigued to take action.

2. Honesty

The key to building trust is to be genuine and open about who you are, what you do and why you’re doing it. Explaining those aspects of your brand directly from your team is an option, but it’s more powerful to have someone who’s not on your team to back it up — and back it up on camera! Seeing a client speak about your company with passion and sincerity in their eyes and voice will proof your brand’s honest worth.

3. Sound and Motion

Video is the only form of media that connects both sound and motion, giving products and services one of the most compelling presentations. Whether viewers are more engaged by music, high-quality visuals or beautiful words, videos can grab the attention of anyone. In addition, your company is different from your competition, and deserves to be captured with your unique energy, culture and personality on display.

4. SEO

Properly placing videos on your website, YouTube and across the Internet will boost your ranking number on search engines like Google. It’s essential to implement Internet marketing strategies and promote your testimonial videos as any other advertising content. Videos are social, and when enjoyed, people tend to share them quicker than they would a website link or photo.

5. Quality Investment

A testimonial video that’s strategically advertised and professionally produced is one of the best marketing tools for a business to have on their website. If you have the clients, the right services and the industry expertise, your video will become a part of your continuous communication strategy for years to come.

Testimonial videos, many times, will give the first-impression of your company, so it can’t be thrown together. It takes time, professionalism and strategy to produce it with quality and effectiveness. People will know the type of company you are by the type of video you release. From asking the correct questions to your clients to using the best lighting, every element of your video will determine its level of success.

At JCW, we produce various testimonial videos, across different markets. We have the knowledge, creative skills and process needed to produce and strategically place it. Let’s get started with increasing your brand equity, today!