They call us Generation Y, and when compared to generations before, our way of thinking happens to be pretty unusual — in a good way! We’re the type of confident, enthusiastic workers who are unafraid of challenges and driven by progress.

At JCW, generating new and fresh ideas is a part of our nature. Within an educationally advanced generation, our combined knowledge and unique insight makes us revolutionary thought leaders, and our thirst to learn keeps us ahead of the curve.

To thrive in these times, you need a team of Generation Y professionals creating and producing for you. So, if you’re still asking the question, “Why Gen Y?”, here are six reasons a collaboration with us can springboard your business into greater success.

1. Current

We’re walking relevancy. In other words, we embody what’s current in our environments  and can help keep your company up to date. Plus, as the first generation that grew up with computers, we’re extremely tech savvy and early adopters of all things advanced.

2. Ready for Change

We’re no strangers to change. From Google algorithms to Apple updates, things are constantly evolving, and we’ve allowed it to keep us sharp. We’re ready for what’s new and will make sure our clients will be too!

3. Phenomenal Energy

Sure, we can blame it on the coffee, but in all honesty, the energy of a Generation Y team is a natural vibrance, especially when paired with a young mindset. We jump into every project giving our all and constantly looking for new ways to drive better results. Consider us a breath of fresh air.

4. Brand Experts

We’ve been branding ourselves ever since we can remember. It all started when we were 13 years old creating social media profiles. Today, leveraging opportunities through social media and other marketing outlets is a breeze. Whatever your market may be, it’s imperative you have a team that’s socially conscious.

5. Globally Aware

We may be some of the most tolerant and culturally aware individuals you meet. The world has always been at our fingertips, and we’ve experienced minimal limits in our lifetime. We understand the differences and unique qualities setting you apart from the competition, and we’ll advocate for those differences on your behalf.

6. Collaborative

Finally, we are always looking for the quickest way to yield the top result. This attribute lends itself to valuing collaboration. At JCW, one the greatest attributes our creatives possess is a focus on teamwork and interaction. We understand that putting our forward-thinking minds and skillsets together continually leads to excellence in every product we produce.

Y is not the question; it’s the answer!