At creative agencies, project managers must be good leaders with exceptional communication, collaboration and organizational skills. It’s a challenging role to fill and involves wearing several hats, the most vital being the lifeline that connects an agency to its clients. This constant juggling act is not a role that just anyone can fill but JCW’s newest project manager, Brennan Sarah embraces and welcomes the challenge. 

Before joining JCW, Brennan worked in the industrial and construction sales industry where he handled multiple accounts. This experience taught him how to efficiently manage different clients’ needs while sparking his interest to branch out into a more diverse role. 

His desire for a more challenging and varied professional experience led him to join the JCW team. 

“I wanted to be part of something more. I wanted to be a part of a team that works each day to grow professionally, pursue excellence and fulfill its mission.” 

As a project manager, Brennan does just that. Growing in an environment that embraces creativity and collaboration as a means to success, Brennan appreciates the guidance and leadership opportunities offered at JCW. 

In his role, he enjoys building relationships with clients and collaborating with the creative team. His infectious enthusiasm and upbeat personality never fail to light up the office. 

In his spare time, Brennan enjoys spending time with friends, family and his dog Addie.