The project management position is an intensive balancing act that requires initiative, responsibility, care and caffeine. We entrust our project manager directly with our clients, who are our number one priority. It takes the right kind of person to take on this position. From the second we met Natalie, we knew she would do a great job and fit in perfectly with our team.

Graduating from Louisiana State University with a communications degree focused in digital advertising, Natalie previously worked in event coordination before joining our team.

“I want our clients to feel a sense of trust and know that everything we do is with them in mind. I don’t want to just listen – I want to really hear them.”

In her role, Natalie is the clients’ contact and she leads the creative team to ensure JCW is meeting and exceeding expectations. We love having her in the office, and we know our clients will too. 

Bonus Fact: She hosts a radio show on 96.9FM WHYR, so it might be a smart idea to bring her to music trivia night if you want to bring the trophy home.