If you’re not aware of what’s “in”, your audience will eventually count you out.

Your focal question for the year (and every year) should be: “Am I paying attention?” If not, today is the day to start! No business has the luxury of ignoring industry trends and expecting to grow and reach their goals. Staying current in your field is the key to gaining new opportunities and retaining long-term success.

Whether it’s for design, photography, videography or marketing and branding, industry trends are constantly changing and transforming how companies effectively approach their markets. To give you a boost in the right direction for 2017, we’ve gathered a list of the newest industry trends — and we’ve even included examples of our own.



What’s monoline? It’s typography, geometry and negative space all packed into one cool design. These wire-like, line illustrations are becoming the new way businesses capture an audience’s attention. Our team decided to utilize the monoline design technique to create a clean, modern and refreshing look for the Louisiana Association of Nonprofit Organizations (LANO) #GiveBR campaign logo.



The popular phrase “less is more” hasn’t lost its edge. Now, more than ever, centering your design on simplicity is important for staying up to par in your industry. In both print and digital marketing, minimalism gives a distinct focus to one small part of content. It’s fast and quick to connect, and most importantly, it’s timeless. Here’s an ad our team recently created using the minimalism technique to give our client’s brand a fresh look:


Authentic photography

The amount of content put out continues to increase, year after year. For this reason, generic photos are being overused and will fall short when representing your company. Throughout your website, at the top of your blog posts, on your social media pages — authentic, original photography is essential for winning over your audience and gaining the respect and reputation you deserve. See how our team captured a school’s authenticity and environment through photography:



Illustrated (Hand-Drawn) Graphics & Icons

Say goodbye to genetic, stock graphics and icons! Again, authenticity is the new black. More brands are beginning to distinguish themselves from their competition by incorporating original illustrations, all while adding a personal touch that’s recognizable. We were able to implement this new technique to our client’s website:


The Why

People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it,” says Simon Sinek, author and renowned marketing consultant. Starting with the why behind your brand is the new norm for approaching any marketing strategy. Companies that are still focusing on the “what”, without going deeper to create an emotional connection with their audience, are quickly fading in the background. Here’s an example of how we put this best practice to work for our client:   


Social-Media-Ready Videos

Not many are interested in seeing the “long version” anymore. You’ll have to catch their attention, express your message and prove it all worthy in about a minute or less. Yes, you can still create your three-minute online commercials, but it’s imperative to make social-media-ready content. Take a look at a great, social-media-ready video our team created to promote our client’s new product:


Motion Graphics

Technology has taken over, and to raise interest, awareness and action, you need a  video — you need motion graphics! It’s become an integral part of the web. People are watching tons of videos online, and motion graphics (accompanied with strong visuals, great music or voiceover) have taken the forefront in engaging and reaching target audiences. It just works. See how we’ve used motion graphics to enhance our client’s brand:


Don’t be left behind. Find an industry trend that’s a good fit for your company and start furthering and strengthening your brand today! Your audience will love it.