Everyone has alter egos. But what about alter emojis? At JCW, we decided to take a closer look at our creative team’s inner emoji-ness and see what happened.

At 32, Damian is the oldest in the office, but the youngest at heart. This old man knows how to have a good time, which is why he gets the grandpa and clinking beer emojis. Cheers to you, Damian!

Creative Team-Old Man Emojis-JCW Creative Agency-Image

Taylor is our fashionista. You’ll never catch her without her handbag, and she’s always looking “put together”, hence the sassy girl and shopping bags emojis.

Creative Team- Shopping Emojis-JCW-Image

Watch out! Cassie’s a hugger. She brightens up our day every morning and is always impressing with her graphic design skills. Smile and painting emojis it is!

Creative Designer - Painting Emojis-JCW Creative Agency-Image

As our resident backend web developer, it’s safe to say David is a “little” bit of a nerd. While he types away code on his computer, you’ll never see him without his headphones. Jammin’!! David gets the nerd and headphones emojis!

Creative Team- Nerd Emojis-JCW Creative Agency-Image

Rashaad only speaks one language — code. As our senior web developer, he keeps quiet because he knows we wouldn’t understand him anyway.  A silent but deadly designer, his quiet demeanor gets him the no mouth and computer emojis.

Creative Web Team- Mac Emojis-JCW Creative Agency-Image

At 8:30 AM, she’s hungry. At 10:30 AM, she’s hungry. At 12:30 AM, she’s hungry! Lol! Yes, she’s always hungry! When she’s not sitting behind the desk designing websites, Kelly’s eating or giving off a burst of good energy and good laughs, giving her the laughing and dishes emojis.

Creative Web Team- Laughing Emojis-JCW-Image

Recently engaged, whether it’s her gorgeous rock or her loud New Orleans’ accent that you can hear from anywhere in the office, Nicole definitely epitomizes the bride and megaphone emojis.

Creative Marketing-Bride Emojis-JCW-Image

Alexis is the epitome of sunshine. No, really! She walks in with sunrays. If you don’t love her, you don’t love summer! This blonde beauty, working as our marketing intern, gets the blonde girl and sun emojis.

Creative Team-Blonde Emojis-JCW-Image

Quick and quiet, Nakia knows what you’re trying to say before you even do. Our creative team’s copywriter has a way with words, so she gets the thinking and thought bubble emojis.

Creative Writer-Thinking Face Emojis-JCW-Image

Cool, calm and collected, Tanner wouldn’t be caught dead without his sunglasses on. No shade here, he’s a boss with a lens, giving him the cool and video camera emojis.

Creative Team-Camera Emojis-JCW-Image

Basically Lorelei Gilmore with a crown, Megan is queen of video team. She struts her stuff around the office in the cutest shoes, which is why she has the princess and high heels emojis.

Creative Team-Princess Emojis-JCW-Image

Always full of fun, Scotty’s laugh can be heard from the mountain tops, because he loves to hike and he’s 6’4. Add in his luscious beard and he’s basically Abraham Lincoln. Scotty is the tongue-out laughing and top hat emojis fa’ sho.

Creative Team-Tounge Out Emojis-JCW-Image

As the baby in the office, we can’t expect him to talk much. He’s the video intern, so let’s just say he talks with the camera. Nathan’s the youngest, quietest person here, yet he blends into our hyper little family perfectly. The zipped mouth and baby face emojis were his best fit.

Creative Team-Zipped Mouth Emojis-JCW-Image

Stacey lives in the desert, up in Arizona, but she comes to work everyday on time. As our business administrator, she keeps us from overspending on gadgets and gizmos. Stacey well deserved the money face and desert destination emoji.

Creative Team-Money Face Emojis-JCW-Image

When anyone on our creative team feels like they need someone to talk to, that person can always turn to Nola. There’s never a time she doesn’t sit and quietly listen. As the office-wide best friend, Nola lands the precious angel emoji. Oh, and she’s the only one with paws.

Creative Team-Angel Emojis-JCW-Image

Red-haired, firecracker boss man, who’s always on 10 with coffee in his hands — that’s our John! He’s running out of the door as we speak! Making him a perfect match for the coffee and fire emojis.

Creative Team-Fire Emojis-JCW-Image