Episcopal Day School

We are a student-centered community dedicated to inspiring young minds to love learning and use their gifts and talents to make an exceptional difference in the world. Within an academically challenging and nurturing environment, students grow and evolve into motivated leaders, caring contributors, and creative, critical thinkers. Our team of passionate teachers and faculty is committed to preparing every child to succeed in today’s diverse and global world.


Catholic High School

"One of the things we have been pleasantly surprised with is the ease of updating and adding pages and elements to our site. I did not have any experience in Wordpress, but JCW assured me that it was very intuitive and easy to use - and they were right! It's a good feeling to know we have "ownership" of our site and digital brand." -Richard Beaugh, Director of Communications, Catholic High School



LA SAFE (Louisiana's Strategic Adaptations for Future Environments) is made of passionate leaders and organizations committed to enabling our community members to take proactive steps towards mitigating and avoiding risk as well as increasing resilience to address coastal challenges. We are working together to acknowledge that adaptation, protection, and restoration must go hand in hand to address community growth and contraction according to flood risk. This project also realizes that some of our [...]


Frank Hopkins

I focus on life coaching that isn't a waste of your money. I’m here to help create change by finding your blocks, giving you the tools to eliminate them, and helping you break out of what’s holding you back. I have helped many people with relationships, parenting, education, careers, lifestage adjustments and other challenges. My outlook is fresh and holistic. I am trained in a variety of coaching methods, with an ability to [...]


John P. Sherk Operations Management Consulting

"I would recommend JCW to anyone needing genuinely professional help with branding, messaging, or general marketing. As a small business owner, it is a big temptation to try to handle these kinds of things myself to save money. That impulse is always a mistake. The project would end up sitting half-done on my desk getting pushed around by other priorities and lacking life and creativity. JCW is excellent at what they do. Let them do it." -John P. Sherk, Consultant, John P. Sherk Operations Management Consultant 


Logan Loomis

With over 30 years of professional experience, I have the expertise to help talented business leaders achieve their highest potential, lead with extraordinary influence and positively impact the people they lead and the customers they serve. In successfully supporting leaders in achieving significant growth, I strive to provide uncommon insight into both business and personal performance.



"Working with JCW has been a great experience. We have received more compliments then I can count since launching our new website. JCW is instrumental to the success of our videos. Their creative ideas bring our videos to a new level and they execute everything from conceptual script to production. JCW also helps create and manage all of our marketing and advertising material." - Russ Robbilard, Perma Drain