Lane & Associates

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Lane and Associates, formed in 1986, is an independent insurance broker and managing general agent. With over 30 years of building a trustworthy reputation in the local insurance industry, they desired to put a distinct voice behind their name and build a better marketing foundation — one that could compete with their national competitors. [...]

Episcopal Day School

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Episcopal Day School (EDS) of Pensacola is an independent elementary school, with an innovative and inspiring educational platform, two state-of-the-art campuses and a rich history of excellence and Christian values. In hopes of creating an all-encompassing story to present to their audience, as well as improve their admission numbers, EDS approached JCW for help [...]

KrawDaddy Kloth

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KrawDaddy Kloth is a revolutionary product that introduces a clean and simple alternative to messy crawfish boils, barbeques, playtimes, tailgates, birthday parties and more. Their inventive tablecloth was designed with extremely durable plastic and four strong pockets on each side that holds up to 10 pounds each. With an opportunity to grow on [...]