People don’t make it on our team by accident. Every member we have brings a certain value, experience and attitude that improves us internally and externally. We’re looking for team players with an insatiable drive to create high-quality work and constantly improve. With these goals in mind, we added Richard Beaugh as our new strategist. 

Richard received his bachelor’s degree in communications from Southeastern Louisiana University and his master’s degree in public relations from the University of Louisiana – Lafayette. He began his professional career in television and has spent the last 25 years marketing and promoting educational institutions. Prior to joining JCW, he was the Director of Communications at Catholic High School.

“There’s an extremely creative team in place here that I’m excited to join. My goal is to maximize their effectiveness and strategically contribute so our clients are getting the most out of every single asset we produce for them,” says Richard.

As the strategist, Richard challenges our creatives to keep thinking while crafting marketing efforts for our clients. His industry experience serves as a guiding light for our team, and his welcoming demeanor has already had an immeasurable impact. 

“Richard is a great fit for us with his history in marketing and education,” says John Williams, CEO and Strategist. “We’re a youthful company, and he will serve as a mentor to our team while fulfilling his role as a strategist to our clients.” 

We added a marketing strategist to our team because we want to develop further as a company and increase our work’s quality and effectiveness. Richard’s arrival energized our entire team and brought a fresh perspective to our work that we’re excited for everyone to experience.