Marketing plan. You’ve heard the term a thousand times in meetings, budget discussions and even social media posts from alleged gurus who can accomplish any marketing goal you have in just three short days. 

Depending on where you work or the size of your business, you may be even more familiar with them. A marketing plan may have accompanied a new product launch or introduced a service that needed a little assistance to gain some traction. Despite your level of familiarity, the term is a popular buzzword in today’s world and is commonly attributed  to a million different things that don’t accurately represent what it means to have a marketing plan. (A youtube video and a hashtag don’t necessarily qualify.) 

To us, a marketing plan combines countless different elements that would be far too extensive for a single blog post, but the three main components can essentially be boiled down to cohesiveness, consistency and goals.

Just like with a championship-winning basketball team or your grandmother’s lasagna, good things must work together to succeed. Most plans contain a variety of different parts, but they should all help each other and push the overall mission forward. Cohesiveness doesn’t have to translate into “boring” or “repetitive” if done properly. The marketing world has a lot of different tools at its disposal and using various channels for their strengths ties a campaign together.

Consistency. Consistency. Consistency. Routine is absolutely everything in a successful marketing plan. With algorithms constantly changing and attention spans dropping, your efforts should never really stop. Successful marketing is ongoing and evolving – don’t expect life-changing results in five days. 

Before you decide that you need a marketing plan, you need to figure out what your goals with this venture are. More clients? Improved brand image? Bigger sales? These ideas will undoubtedly evolve as time goes on, but you need to have something to work toward.

A good marketing plan requires a lot of effort, patience and attention. But, that should never discourage you from investing in your business and taking that next step. Strategies and directions can completely change the course of your business and have impacts you could never imagine. 

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