For the past several weeks, most people across the globe have been restricted to their homes as we attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19. An abbreviation that meant nothing to us months ago has evolved into the absolute bane of mankind. As social distancing and other preventive measures are enacted, working from home has turned into standard practice. 

While some of our team members are adjusting better than others, we are all doing our best to get through it together. We’re all in the same boat. But like most things we do, we’ve developed our own style. We assembled the official JCW memorandum for working from home. Enjoy!


Ah, video calls. What was once reserved for sick employees and out-of-state clients has morphed into our most essential form of contact. For starters, we feel it’s not really a video call if one or more children/pets don’t repeatedly jump into the camera frame. If they make some noise, even better! 

Through repeated testing and research, we’ve also found that people should only see the top of your head for at least 50 percent of the call. It sounds like some odd, unexplainable phenomenon, but video conferences just seem to function better when everyone talks to your eyes and forehead. Weird. 


Let’s face it, snacking makes the day better in more ways than we can count. Sweet, salty, sour, whatever you want to work with, we’re deeming an overabundance of snacks a requirement. Indulging on bite-sized bits of goodness might not be the cure for coronavirus, but it makes this situation just a little more tolerable.


With your home as your new office, you can work anywhere. The ability to take your computer and plug-in wherever you choose remains a big plus for us. The brain might flow better on a comfortable couch or lounge chair, and the options are there to choose from. It might seem weird to bring your laptop into the office bathroom, but nothing is off-limits now. Your home is your oyster – enjoy it.


While we encourage everyone to change out of their pajamas before the workday begins, it’s a hard rule to enforce due to several components listed above. The truth of the matter is that no one can really see you. And you should take advantage of it. 

The bottom portion of your body is a complete mystery on video calls, and whatever exists beneath your torso is anybody’s guess. Suit jacket with underwear? Sounds great!

We’re facing a serious situation currently, but that does not mean it can’t be met with some comic relief and human touch. We are here for you – call 225.663.2200 or email [email protected] if our team can help.